The HarperCollins Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version: Fully Revised & Updated. Hardcover

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The HarperCollins Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version: Fully Revised & Updated [Hardcover] Harold W. Attridge (Author), Society Of Biblical Literature (Author)
HarperOne (2006). ISBN-10: 006078685X; ISBN-13: 9780060786854

The landmark general reference Bible that offers the full text of the New Revised Standard Version, now completely revised and updated by leading biblical scholars, including, new introductions and notes, diagrams, charts and maps––25% revised or new material.

After 10 years of new archeological discoveries and changes in biblical studies, it was time for an overhaul of this classic reference work.

With the guidance of the Society of Biblical Literature, an organization of the best biblical scholars world wide, we have selected Dean of Yale Divinity School, Harold Attridge, to oversee the Study Bible’s updating and revision.

• The fundamental strengths of the first HCSB remain . . .

up–to–date introductions to the Biblical books, based on the latest critical scholarship, by leading experts in the field

concise notes, clearly explaining names, dates, places, obscure terms, and other difficulties in reading the Biblical text

careful analysis of the structure of Biblical books

abundant maps, tables, and charts to enable the reader to understand the context of the Bible, and to see the relationship among its parts.

• But, in this new revised edition . . .

Every introduction, essay, map, illustration and explanatory note has been reviewed and updated, and new material added. For instance,

There are newly commissioned introductory essays on

the archaeology of ancient Israel and the New Testament world,

the religion of ancient Israel,

the social and historical context of each book of the Bible, and

on Biblical interpretation

There are completely new introductions and notes for many of the books in the Bible, plus a full revision and updating of all others.

Of special interest are:

The literary history of the Pentateuch (those books between the Old and New Testament that Catholics include in their Bible)

More references to ancient non–Biblical sources which seem to parallel books in the Bible like the Gnostic gospels uncovered in Egypt or the famous scrolls found near the Dead Sea in Israel.

And, more comprehensive attention to the interrelationship of Old and New Testaments

Harold W. Attridge, Ph.D., is Dean of Yale University Divinity School and Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament. He has published many scholarly contributions to New Testament exegesis and to the study of Hellenistic Judaism and the history of the early Church. He also has served as the president of the Society of Biblical Literature.


“By working in partnership with the Society for Biblical Literature the creators of the original HarperCollins Study Bible developed a study Bible at the top of its class for scholarly insight and reliabiity. The newly revised version appears to make the original even stronger by utilizing new discoveries and tapping into the ongoing scholarly conversations in the Society. Every serious student of the Bible should consider making this study Bible part of his or her library.”
— The Reverend Scott Tunseth, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Co-editor of THE LEARNING BIBLE, the American Bible Society, 2000

“Nothing is more helpful in sustaining the conversation between desk and pulpit than a good study Bible. None is more helpful than Harper Collins. Now with this revision it exceeds itself.”
— Fred B. Craddock, Professor of Preaching and New Testament, Emeritus, Emory University

“Serious students of the Bible need reliable tools that give them access to the best of current scholarship. The HarperCollins Study Bible, a collective effort from scholars in the Society of Biblical Literature, is an invaluable aid to informed reading. The excellent introductory essays, book-prefaces and notes make this ecumenical Study Bible an invaluable resource for engaging in informed reading.”
— Margaret M. Mitchell, Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature, The University of Chicago

“This truly distinguished Study Bible has become even better. The revisions and new contributions offer readers substantive and authoritative commentary on the biblical text. Thanks are due to the Society of Biblical Literature and HarperCollins for this ollaborative venture.”
— Dr. David L. Petersen, Professor of Old Testament, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

“Here is an important revision of an already significant resource for students of the Bible. Needed background, insight on difficult texts, summaries of central themes, valuable maps and charts — serious-minded readers of the Bible will find these and more in this treasure trove of information. Accessible and scholarly, the HarperCollins Study Bible will be a standard for those wanting a sure-footed guide into the reading and study of the biblical materials.”
— Dr. Joel B. Green, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Asbury Theological Seminary

No one who searches the Bible for meaning can be without it
— Bill Moyers

A solid, refreshing, and inclusive alternative to [a] host of Bibles.
— Detroit Free Press

By far the front runner-the most nearly complete and up-to-date.
— Christian Century

Ultimately, the breadth and depth of this study Bible, matched with its superior scholarship, make it a volume worth having in any collection.
— The Library Journal